Swift Water and Flood for Rescue Services

Swift Water and Flood for Rescue Services

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Swift Water & Flood Rescue Technician Advanced Rope & Water

The Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician Advanced - Water and Rope course is for existing Rescue 3 Swiftwater and Whitewater Rescue Technicians looking at advanced rescue situations both in and over water including search management in a swiftwater and flood environment. This is the single five day course, but the water and rope modules can also be taken separately.

The Swiftwater Rescue Technician advanced is split in to two modules - Water and Rope. Current Rescue 3 Technicians wanting an advanced rescue capability in water can do the water module. Those wanting to add rope rescue including steep and vertical banks and over water technical rescue capability can do both water and rope modules.

Technicians who are working towards their SRT/WRT Instructor qualification will need to do the SRTA-Water as a prerequisite to their Instructor Training course.

Course length

5 days

Course content includes


  • Weir risk assessment and pre planning
  • Advanced swiftwater swimming
  • True and conditional rescues
  • Night and poor visibility in water operations
  • Swiftwater & flood search management
  • Mechanical advantage systems
  • High energy tethers
  • Paddle boat handling


  • Pre planning and incident management
  • Advanced rope techniques
  • Belay systems
  • Basic ascending and descending
  • Rope based raising & lowering systems
  • Litter attending, low and high angle
  • Introduction to high line systems
  • Casualty care & packaging


  • Current Rescue 3 SRT Certificiation
  • Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for

3 years

Taught by

  • Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician Advanced Instructor