Swift Water and Flood for Rescue Services

Swift Water and Flood for Rescue Services

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Swift water & Flood Rescue Technician

This training course is intended for those who will be required to carry out rescues in a Swift water & flood environment – Emergency Services personnel, Mountain Rescue Teams etc.

The course is based on the philosophy of self-protection and application of low to high risk solutions. You must be a strong and confident swimmer to take this course.

Course content

This is a four day course designed to provide you with the necessary skills to perform rescues in a swiftwater & flood environment. It is both classroom and river-based and will include:

  • Hydrology
  • Introduction to technical rescue equipment
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment
  • Introduction to rope systems
  • Swimming in moving water
  • Medical considerations
  • Basic boat-handling skills
  • Scene management
  • Contact and in-water rescues
  • Basic incident command
  • Crossing techniques
  • Search Operations
  • Flat water boat handling

Who is the course for?

Personnel who may be required to carry out rescues in a swift water and flood environments, including emergency services personnel and mountain rescue teams.

Course Duration

4 Days.

Course Outcome

Candidates will leave with the Rescue 3 SWFRT certificate valid for 3 years.