Emergency Responder Rope Courses

Emergency Responder Rope Courses

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Rope Access - ER

This course is aimed at members of technical rope rescue teams who want to become proficient in rope access techniques.

course content

This 3 day course training teaches basic techniques for individual workers using ropes to move around at height. This course content includes:

  • Ascending and descending on two lines (main line and safety line)
  • Passing knots in the lines
  • Passing anchor points
  • Passing arresters
  • The correct use of fall protection devices
  • The use of positioning lines
  • Transferring between sets of ropes
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Co-worker rescue
  • Basic rescue techniques

This course is specifically aimed at emergency services and not for industrial technical rope rescue. Although there are similarities to IRATA training, there is an important difference, namely that this course only teaches skills that are of interest for emergency services without requiring logged hours, where IRATA focuses on technical rope rescue for industry.

For technical rope rescue team and team members who actually want to perform rescues using ropes this course is a good foundation for their individual skills. For a course on team based rescue techniques using tripods, stretchers, horizontal spans, etc take a look at our Rope Rescue Technician Course.