Ice Rescue Technician

Ice Rescue Technician

Ice Rescue Technician

The Ice Rescue Technician (IRT) course is valuable training for emergency responders who may have to venture onto surface ice to perform a rescue. In a rescue situation, it is already clear that the ice is unsafe, and therefore this course does not spend a lot of time on ice formation and determining its strength. Rather, the emphasis is on self rescue and the full range of techniques and specialized equipment that can be used for rescuing others. The curriculum also includes the significant medical considerations for patient packaging and extrication posed by cold water immersion.

This course also includes an overview of skills and knowledge necessary for responding to incidents on surface ice over moving water, but for those who can expect a high frequency of call-outs on large volume rivers with open leads, you will need to the Ice Rescue Technician Advanced (IRTA).

Contact hours

12 hours (2 days)


  • Must be a confident swimmer
  • Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for

3 years

Taught by

  • Ice Rescue Technician Instructor (IRTI)
  • Ice Rescue Technician Advanced Instructor (IRTAI)