Film Production Safety

Film Production Safety

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Film Production

No matter how remote or seemingly inaccessible a location might be Water Rescue Scotland can provide you with all the safety cover you require. We will safely take you and your filming equipment to epic locations across the UK, we have helped scouts find scene locations from our knowledge of the mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

We can safely guide you round and work with you on scene to access the best shots. If its hanging above a canyon gorge or swimming down an raging torrent we will be able to install the safety requirements to allow you to film.

Some Film and TV we have worked on

  • BBC WILD ‘Abseiling down the UK’s biggest waterfall’
  • Harry potter
  • Countryfile
  • Griff Reece Jones ‘’Rivers’’.
  • Kate Silverton ‘’Source to Sea’’
  • German film ‘’White water rafting’’